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Stationary Engines

Stationary Engines at Woodvale Transport Festival

Stationary Engines were designed to take the place of large and inefficient and expensive steam engine.

They were easier to move (in portable form) easier to repair and much cheaper to run.

The first engines were converted steam engines and ran on gas from a gas producing plant but even this was deemed too expensive and heavy, a team of horses was required to move them if they where portable at all.

The first true internal combustion stationary engine was build in France and is made from wood, cast iron and a large bank of batteries to produce a spark with a very low power rating.

As engine design began to improve not only would the engines run almost all the equipment the older steam engines could run, but the top engine manufactures where not only improving the old equipment but inventing new for their engines to run and make life easier quicker and more profitable.

Stationary Engines at Woodvale

The first display was arranged by Tom Richardson and Rich Blackman two of the best friends anyone could have, missed by all of us. Engines have been at Woodvale almost from the beginning when we were requested to put on a display by our friends at the model aircraft.

You will find a good general display of preserved engines some driving period equipment, for the last couple of years we have been lucky to have at least two engines dated prior to 1900 running through to the sixties. We love to talk about our engines so don’t be stranger.

Application Forms

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