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Model Boats Marquee

Model Boats at Woodvale Transport Festival

The model boat section of Woodvale Rally in the Park is organised by Southport Model Boat Club.

As well as exhibiting models from its own members, the Club invites other local clubs to exhibit as well. The models on display cover the whole spectrum of shipping, both civilian and military, from a rowing boat to an ocean liner, from a patrol boat to a battleship.

They range in size from about 25 centimetres to over 2 metres. Most of the boats are powered by an electric motor, others by a steam engine, but not all have a propeller spinning under the water, or paddle wheels on the side or at the stern. There are examples of boats driven by the wind, yachts and sailing vessels, and finally a boat on a cushion of air, a hovercraft. Radio control is the usual method of sailing and controlling the models, yachts are often free sailing, that is the sails and rudder are set before the yacht is launched.

The Club has a small pond at the Show and children will be able to sail a boat on it. The Stewards will gladly answer any questions you may have about model boating.


  • The Pontins Cup: Presented for the best model built by a member of Southport Model Boat Club not previously exhibited at Woodvale Rally in the Park. The models are judged by a qualified model boat judge.
  • Mayor’s Trophy: Presented to the owner of the model that the Mayor would like to take home, judged by the Mayor.
  • Laurel and Hardy Trophy: Presented to the owner of the model that Laurel and Hardy would like to take home, judged by Laurel and Hardy



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