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Military Vehicles

Military Vehicles at Woodvale Transport Festival

Woodvale rally has been revamped since it move from RAF Woodvale and military vehicles have been welcomed back and given a large area of the park with our own entrance gate.

We are aiming to encourage military vehicle owners back to supporting this event and hope over the next couple of years to increase our display entries.

This will bring us back to when we were at RAF Woodvale, originally, where we had over a 100 vehicles on display including various diaramoras. So come on guys give us your support, we need you to come back. You do not need to belong to a club to attend as all military vehicle owners are welcome and it's a good event to have a catch up with old friends.

Many exhibitors are members of the Military Vehicle Trust who enjoy restoring, running and showing off their military vehicles and as private owners we have a vast range of vehicles from both the UK and overseas origins. ranging from small Jeeps, Landovers and Austin Champs to larger tank transporters and even tanks and motorcycles. Also many of our military vehicle owners are ex military personnel.

This is a great exhibition for the public of all ages, young and old with plenty to see and do and our wonderful military vehicles are one of many displays on offer for the public. The military section is in a prime location of the park (opposite the pay gate) and all types of vehicles are welcome as there are no longer weight restrictions so the bigger the better. Expenses are available for tracked vehicles and if you are bringing one along contact James Vaconcelos for more details and his email address is This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . Also have a look at the West Lancs MVT website so you can see what we have been up to over the last few years and our web address is

There will be awards for various classes of vehicles and these will be made on the Sunday afternoon. You are welcome to arrive on the Friday after 12 noon and camping is provided in the park by your vehicle, but military tents are preferred as it adds to the look of a military encampment.

Look forward to seeing you there and if the weather is like last year it will be a great weekend.



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Military Vehicles

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