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Crazy Bears

Crazy Bears at Woodvale Transport Festival

Two great action packed shows each one different and lasting over forty minutes

Fun, Games, Magic and Illusion plus all six Crazy Bears will be in the new show plus presenter KG.

Mr. Sweettooth
The brains of the bunch! He knows everything about sweets and has perfected many a machine to create them. He owns the sweet factory on top of the hill overlooking HoneyBrook. He is a happy go lucky chap and likes nothing more than trying out his silly recipes on Smarty, Rocky and Candy.

The youngest of the Crazy Bears and definately the most trendiest. Unlike her brothers, Smarty and Rocky, she is a very sensible bear and can be found most weekends shoppping for clothes and CD's. She dreams of being a singer on X Factor one day and practices her songs and dances every night in her bedroom.

Honey is Candy's, Rocky's and Smarty's Mum, what a lady, dusting and cleaning everything and everyone if you stand close enough. She has a feather duster to match every outfit and every day of the week. Always having to keep young Rocky and Smarty in hand to keep their rooms tidy.

Rocky's, Smarty's and Candy's Grandad, spends all his time sorting out the troubles between young Rocky and Smarty. One of the oldest members of the community always telling stories of when he was a lad and how Honeybrook has changed. Quite a Magician at heart, loves all kinds of tricks and illusions.

Rocky and Smarty
The terrible twosome! These two brothers are only good at one thing... TROUBLE! When they get together it's double trouble! They like to play tricks on poor KG all day long. If something goes wrong you can guarantee they're behind it. Mischevious, naughty and cheeky best describe this disastrous double act!