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Mobile Caving & Ball Pool

Mobile Caving

Woodvale Rally is proud to present the UK’s FIRST interactive mobile caving system – one of the most realistic artificial caving experiences you will get above ground.

Don’t be deceived by its look, there are Over 90ft Of tunnelling inside – 2 levels, sumps, stalagmites and squeezes!

Odin Events is proud to have commissioned the UK’s first fully mobile, interactive trailer cave. The overall design and layout of the cave incorporates all of the exciting features of and elements of our bespoke caving adventure systems but condensed into 30 linear meters. Artificial caving systems provide a fun and exciting replication of real caving but in a safe and controlled environment.

Similar to our mobile climbing walls, artificial caving systems aim to educate, inspire and excite a new generation of subterranean explorers as well as make caving more available to those who other wise would not get a chance to participate. We provide each caver a helmet and head torch, have a quick brief, and then send them off to discover!


Q. “Is the cave suitable for adults as well as children?”
A.The Artificial Caving System / Experience is suitable for adults and children alike. The cave was designed and modelled around an adult caver and is realistic in dimension as well as feature – for adults the system provides a challenging realistic experience, whilst for children, being a lot smaller the system is a fantastic way to explore and discover the realms of caving in a secure and save environment, we only permit children form the age of 5 upwards due to the nature of the system (dark).

Q. “Will I fit?”
A. When we worked with the designers of the artificial caving system we designed the main passage way to allow a caver of the following dimensions to fit through; 6’4″ tall, 44″ chest, 20″ shoulders and 42″ waist. Unfortunately just like a real cave, this will not be suitable for everyone. Considerations have to made when deciding who can participate as with all adventurous activities. Severe heart conditions, epilepsy and claustrophobia are among some conditions that would have to be refused entry to the system.

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Mobile Caving